[][src]Trait gstreamer::prelude::TocSetterExt

pub trait TocSetterExt: 'static {
    fn get_toc(&self) -> Option<Toc>;
fn reset(&self);
fn set_toc(&self, toc: Option<&Toc>); }

Trait containing all TocSetter methods.



Required methods

fn get_toc(&self) -> Option<Toc>

Return current TOC the setter uses. The TOC should not be modified without making it writable first.


TOC set, or None. Unref with gst_toc_unref when no longer needed

fn reset(&self)

Reset the internal TOC. Elements should call this from within the state-change handler.

fn set_toc(&self, toc: Option<&Toc>)

Set the given TOC on the setter. Previously set TOC will be unreffed before setting a new one.


a Toc to set.

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impl<O: IsA<TocSetter>> TocSetterExt for O[src]

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