[][src]Trait gstreamer::prelude::URIHandlerExt

pub trait URIHandlerExt: 'static {
    fn get_protocols(&self) -> Vec<GString>;
fn get_uri(&self) -> Option<GString>;
fn get_uri_type(&self) -> URIType;
fn set_uri(&self, uri: &str) -> Result<(), Error>; }

Trait containing all URIHandler methods.



Required methods

fn get_protocols(&self) -> Vec<GString>

Gets the list of protocols supported by self. This list may not be modified.


the supported protocols. Returns None if the self isn't implemented properly, or the self doesn't support any protocols.

fn get_uri(&self) -> Option<GString>

Gets the currently handled URI.


the URI currently handled by the self. Returns None if there are no URI currently handled. The returned string must be freed with g_free when no longer needed.

fn get_uri_type(&self) -> URIType

Gets the type of the given URI handler


the URIType of the URI handler. Returns URIType::Unknown if the self isn't implemented correctly.

fn set_uri(&self, uri: &str) -> Result<(), Error>

Tries to set the URI of the given handler.


URI to set


true if the URI was set successfully, else false.

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impl<O: IsA<URIHandler>> URIHandlerExt for O[src]

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