for Orc-0.4.34. The latest version of this documentation can be found on-line at

Building Orc and Applications That Use Orc — How to build Orc and applications using it.
Running Orc Applications — How to run applications using ORC.
Orc Concepts — High-level view of what Orc does.
Orc Tutorial — Getting started writing Orc code.
Application API
Orc — Library Initialization
OrcProgram — Creating and manipulating Orc programs
OrcCompiler — Compile Orc programs
OrcExecutor — Running Orc programs
Orc Program Syntax — Description of the Orc program syntax
Orc Opcodes — Description of Opcodes
Extension API
OrcDebug — Printing and formatting debug information
OrcOpcode — Operations
Utility functions — Orc utility functions
OrcRule — Creating rules for code generation
Code Generation
ARM — code generation for ARM
MMX — code generation for MMX
PowerPC — code generation for PowerPC
SSE — code generation for SSE
x86 — code generation for x86
Herein lie dragons