Trait gstreamer::prelude::TagSetterExt

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pub trait TagSetterExt: IsA<TagSetter> + Sealed + 'static {
    // Provided methods
    fn tag_list(&self) -> Option<TagList> { ... }
    fn tag_merge_mode(&self) -> TagMergeMode { ... }
    fn merge_tags(&self, list: &TagList, mode: TagMergeMode) { ... }
    fn reset_tags(&self) { ... }
    fn set_tag_merge_mode(&self, mode: TagMergeMode) { ... }
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Trait containing all TagSetter methods.



Provided Methods§


fn tag_list(&self) -> Option<TagList>

Returns the current list of tags the setter uses. The list should not be modified or freed.

This function is not thread-safe.


a current snapshot of the taglist used in the setter or None if none is used.


fn tag_merge_mode(&self) -> TagMergeMode

Queries the mode by which tags inside the setter are overwritten by tags from events


the merge mode used inside the element.


fn merge_tags(&self, list: &TagList, mode: TagMergeMode)

Merges the given list into the setter’s list using the given mode.


a tag list to merge from


the mode to merge with


fn reset_tags(&self)

Reset the internal taglist. Elements should call this from within the state-change handler.


fn set_tag_merge_mode(&self, mode: TagMergeMode)

Sets the given merge mode that is used for adding tags from events to tags specified by this interface. The default is TagMergeMode::Keep, which keeps the tags set with this interface and discards tags from events.


The mode with which tags are added

Object Safety§

This trait is not object safe.