Module gstreamer::log

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  • Adds a memory ringbuffer based debug logger that stores up to max_size_per_thread bytes of logs per thread and times out threads after thread_timeout seconds of inactivity.
  • Returns the default threshold that is used for new categories.
  • flags
  • Checks if debugging output is activated.
  • Checks if the debugging output should be colored.
  • If libunwind, glibc backtrace or DbgHelp are present a stack trace is printed.
  • Removes any previously added ring buffer logger with [debug_add_ring_buffer_logger()][crate::debug_add_ring_buffer_logger()].
  • Fetches the current logs per thread from the ring buffer logger. See [debug_add_ring_buffer_logger()][crate::debug_add_ring_buffer_logger()] for details.
  • If activated, debugging messages are sent to the debugging handlers. It makes sense to deactivate it for speed issues.
  • Sets or unsets the use of coloured debugging output. Same as gst_debug_set_color_mode () with the argument being being GST_DEBUG_COLOR_MODE_ON or GST_DEBUG_COLOR_MODE_OFF.
  • Sets the default threshold to the given level and updates all categories to use this threshold.
  • Sets all categories which match the given glob style pattern to the given level.
  • Sets the debug logging wanted in the same form as with the GST_DEBUG environment variable. You can use wildcards such as *, but note that the order matters when you use wild cards, e.g. foosrc:6,*src:3,*:2 sets everything to log level 2.
  • Resets all categories with the given name back to the default level.