pub trait OptionWrappingSub<Rhs = Self, InnerRhs = Rhs> {
    type Output;

    fn opt_wrapping_sub(self, rhs: Rhs) -> Option<Self::Output>;
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Trait for values and Options wrapping substraction.

Implementing this trait leads to the following auto-implementations:

  • OptionWrappingSub<Option<InnerRhs>> for T.
  • OptionWrappingSub<Rhs> for Option<T>.
  • OptionWrappingSub<Option<InnerRhs>> for Option<T>.
  • … and some variants with references.

Note that since the std library doesn’t define any WrappingSub trait, users must provide the base implementation for the inner type.

Required Associated Types§

The resulting inner type after applying the substraction.

Required Methods§

Computes the substraction wrapping at the numeric bounds instead of overflowing.

Returns None if at least one argument is None.

Implementations on Foreign Types§